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Mahajan Rubber House was established in 1985 by Banarsi Dass Mahajan . With humble beginning, it is famous for high quality yet economical products. After struggling for few years, Sons Rakesh Mahajan & Vivek Mahajan lessen their Burden by learning all the details & working of the Foundation their father has laid.  

Later Vineet Mahajan, son of Rakesh Mahajan, estabhished Mahajan Tyre Company in 2007 made more friendly & renovated with more facilities & ease just for it's clients & customers. Over the years, Mahajan Rubber House & Mahajan Tyre Company have accumulated a wealth of experience and expertise that has let us earn The Reputation of being among India's leading manufacturers of industrial rubber products. With  thrust on experts, our presence has been growing in the international markets.

Our position of strength has further been attained by our focus on R&D and Human Resource Development and above all , commitment to customer satisfaction. Fulfilling their needs with value added solutions have always been our goal. These allied resources backed by a company-wide commitment gives the confident that it will continue on its high trajectory of growth. We will provide products of superior quality and value, in order to ensure customer satisfaction and preference and also profitable growth.

We will achieve this purpose through continuous improvements of process focused on total quality, productivity and cost effectiveness. We will achieve our vision by creating a working environment which attracts the finest people and encourages team efforts and where each individual's contribution is recognized each individual enjoys his work and tries to excel.

One piece rubber tubes, or jointless tubes are made from moulding tubes. Thus these moulding jointless and one piece rubber tubes can be put into use for any size of automotive or bicycle tyres. We are competent manufacturers of jointless and one piece rubber tubes and tyres.