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We made our natural raw rubber products, Stretch to the Extent of User's Requirement and Ease. Our Natural and Raw Rubber is being used in making all kinds of rubber products. The process of converting Natural raw rubber in various important products is done keeping in mind, Requirement of Users and with Innovative Ideas with Safety.

With Natural and Raw Rubber used in Conveyor Belts, for ease in moving the Material at any Place. Automotive Tyres for Passenger or Sports Utility Vehicle with jointless tubes and one piece rubber tubes, all kinds of Rubber products utilities are made possible with Innovation, Comfort and Requirements of Users. Bicycle tyres and equally jointless and one piece rubber tubes of all Sizes are made with Best Quality natural raw or processed rubber.

Looking Forward to make all your Rubber products, Possible with our Natural raw rubber.
Viscometer Elongation / Tensile Testing Machine
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