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Natural rubber latex is a natural gifted product. Raw or Natural rubber can make products with high elasticity and strength. This natural rubber latex is a concentrated liquid obtained from the rubber tree bark in the fields itself.

Since the natural rubber latex is in liquid form, it needs to get dried up either with freezing or simple drying, for having raw rubber sheets. This raw form of rubber sheets are now ready to take in use by various industries and manufacturing companies.

Natural rubber in most demanding state: Natural rubber sheets.
  • Raw Rubber Sheets :- Later the natural rubber is made as raw natural rubber sheets. Raw rubber sheets are the first step to attain any rubber product. These raw rubber sheets are available for distribution to Auto Cycle tyres and tubes, Conveyor belts, Transmission belts, Footwear, tyre tubes and various consumer goods. Raw rubber sheets is the primary product any industry could use all according to their respective needs by refining. Many products made from raw rubber sheets are treated in different manner, to yield different results. Raw rubber sheets are used to manufacture Rubber Bicycle Tyres, Tubes, Conveyor Belts, Rubber Transmission Belts, Footwear etc.

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    Raw Rubber Sheets

  • Skim Crepe Rubber :- Skim crepe rubber is obtained by coagulation of natural rubber latex. Skim crepe rubber is made from latex rubber having skimmed rubber solution. Skim crepe rubber manufactures rubber tyres, transmission belts and conveyor belts. As we said, one natural rubber can generate various grades of rubber with the help of chemicals, out of which, skim crepe rubber is one. Skim crepe rubber is generally obtained from the air dried latex emitting from the bark of rubber tree. Skim crepe rubber is used to get rubber tyres, rubber tubes, rubber transmission belts, conveyor belts.

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    Skim Crepe Rubber

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