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  • ISNR 20 Rubber :- ISNR 20 Rubber is one of the graded natural rubber for some of its quality specializations. With ISNR 20 natural rubber quality rubber tyres, tubes, conveyor belts are made. As ISNR 20 rubber also own less viscosity, it can be easily mixed with other graded natural rubber, thus giving a finished product. ISNR 20 Rubber also known as Indian Standard Natural Rubber is the prime natural rubber used for majority of all rubber products. ISNR 20 natural rubber is also known as Technical specified rubber due to its predefined standards. ISNR 20 Natural Rubber is used to manufacture Rubber Bicycle Tyres, Rubber Tubes, Auto Tyre Tubes, Conveyor Belts, Transmission Belts.

    manufacturers of ISNR 20 rubber in India
    ISNR-20 Rubber

  • Centrifuged Latex :- Centrifuged latex is a natural rubber latex condense solution treated and preserved with ammonia and various other chemicals. This centrifuged latex rubber is made after the maximum percentage of water is expelled from the latex. Centrifuged latex is the natural rubber used for the consumer goods. Centrifuged latex natural rubber manufactures balloons, gloves and mattresses. Products made from centrifuged latex are efficient in execution. Centrifuged latex rubber is used in making mattresses, latex pillows and cushions. This centrifuged latex is meant for ultimate comfort in any product its being used. Centrifuged latex rubber is also used to manufacture Gloves, Condom, Balloons, Mattresses etc.

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    Centrifuged Latex

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